Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes, I'm a bad blogger...

Yes I am aware that I am a horrible blogger. I start off with an incredible enthusiam and say this time I am going to keep it up to date. Yeah that totally doesn't last long. So what the hell happens to my motivation between my first excited "Let me tell you about my life" post and the next post? I like keeping a blog, I always have something I could talk about but I for whatever reason, never make it to here to post.

I will try to be more... religious, no.. reliable, no... responsible, no... consistant!

So I finally finished my book and the editing process. I am in danger of over editing though, as I keep finding little things to change or work on. I need to just put my foot down and say enough! I have written my query letter (a one page letter consisting of a brief blurb about what your novel is about, what genre it fits in, who you are and what credentials you may or may not have.) and am currently working on the finishing touches of my synopsis (a 3-5 page document where you tell the basic plot of the book, this is commonly used by agents to sell your book to publishers.)

I may be prepping too much but I would rather have it ready now, than to get a response from an agent asking for more and me having to scramble to do something up really quick. I would rather take my time, do something that I am proud of, than to make something up last minute. I worked too long and hard on this book to half ass anything.

Tomorrow, I am going to start something new, I stole the idea from a friend, hopefully she doesn't mind. Tongue out.

Every Friday will be a small posting about Jake and Cooter, My dogs. Since neither of my dogs have names that start with the same letter as a day of the week, I have come up with Furry Fridays. So stay tuned for that, I know you will all be sitting on the edge of your seats, running to your computer and frantically clicking reload all day tomorrow until I post, but just be patient, I will try to do it as soon as I wake up and log in. :D

For today I will leave you with a picture of my new friend Hermie. A bobble head gnome I recently purchased at the Bargain Shop in the clearance aisle. Yes I know, I am weird, but hey I am secure in my overall weirdness.

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