Sunday, February 10, 2008


Been a couple weeks since I posted.. *hangs head in shame* I have no excuse other than the fact that I am lazy.. Well not totally just unmotivated I guess. Not having thyroid pills does that to ya.

Lets see where to begin. It got really really really cold a week or so ago and pipes froze and burst overnight. The laundry room downstairs looked like a lake. Well thankfully it wasn't a main line. Was just the two pipes that go into the bath and shower downstairs. So we were able to cut those off and cap them. Then turn on the water again to the rest of the house. TY Darian. YOU ROCK!!! And winter, I am really mad at you. I love you unconditionally and look what you do.. Shame on you :P lol.

I also got my passport already. I was shocked that it came so fast. Took about a month from start to finish. And it actually came to the correct address which was a nice bonus. Now if only the paperwork from Thunderbay would get here so Ed and I can go and get our marriage license.

Ed's owner operator contract with the company he was working for was not renewed. Was a bunch of office politics and the fact that he refuses to buy a brand new truck. His truck is 7 years old I believe and has not had any major breakdowns. A few minor repairs here and there sure but nothing big *knock on wood*. But he will have it paid off around August. This company does not like that. They feel that if you dont have a truck payment you won't work as hard or something. The last Ed heard they did not renew 10 owner operator contracts most of which he thinks were drivers who had older trucks.

They also came up with a new contract that was not really a good one and had 30 lease operators put in their 30 day notice. Lease Operators are this companies major income. So I am sure they are going to be hurting before long. Ed has an application in with another company. Its a smaller company but smaller can be better. He has already had a sit down meeting with this companies owner and it seemed to go well. So we are crossing our fingers, saying our prayers and keeping cautiously optimistic.

I am struggling with Cooter. I really am at my wits end. He has a week or more of really good bladder control. Will go for 2 to 3 hours before he needs to go out.. And then he will have days like yesterday and today where I am lucky if he makes it 30 minutes and he will have lots of accidents. Makes me really mad when he pees on my freshly swept and mopped floor. Then when I say NO! Bad dog! He lays down in it.. So not only do I have to re-mop the floor I have to bath him too. He is really trying my patience. Jake was such a good dog at Cooters age. I know, they are two different dogs. Just like kids you cant compare ones development to the other. But you really would think that at 5 months old Cooter would be able to hold it for longer than what he is doing.

Well enough of that. I am tired and frustrated hehe. So will just go to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Gonna put two new pics of the boys.

The AWWWWWWWWWWWW FACTOR. I love him soooo much, he is so adorably cute.

Say what? Annoying but adorable. Cant help but love his innocent look when he is into mischief.