Saturday, April 25, 2015

Birthday Week

I am exactly one week away from turning the big 4-0. I remember the year I was turning 30. I was depressed about it. I wasn't ready to leave my 20's behind. It is different now, I don't feel a sense of dread leaving my 30's behind. I am actually excited for this birthday. I am not sure why I feel this way exactly, maybe it is because of what events are set to happen in my 40's.

First, this time next year I will be preparing to start my semester of student teaching. This is my last step before I graduate and start my life in the "real world". This process has been a long time coming, full of starts and stops. I am so close to the end I can taste it. It excites me and terrifies me all the same. I just want to be a good teacher for my future students. I want to be the kind of teacher they remember for years and years because I made a positive impact on their lives.

Second, as soon as I graduate we will start the foster to adopt process. Ed and I have talked about it and we decided that we will start the application and required classes as soon after I graduate as possible. I am still struggling with wanting to have a biological child, but something in my heart is telling me there is a child or children who need two loving devoted parents, like Ed and I, to come into their lives and adopt them. I cannot explain the feeling but deep in my heart I get such a pull towards the idea of adopting that I cannot ignore it even if I tried.

Third, there is a possibility of checking one thing off my bucket list. As a graduation present to me, Ed and I, if a certain opportunity pans out will be saving up to take a very special trip. I don't want to jinx it by giving all the details. I know it may not happen because it depends on a lot of things falling into place but just the thought that it is a small possibility is so exciting.

As you can see my 40's are full of wonderful possibilities and I am so ready to begin my journey. Bring it on!