Monday, March 12, 2012

Recipes, writing, studying and immigration.

I feel like I have neglected my blog over the past year or so. Okay so I KNOW I have and that makes me disappointed in myself a bit. However, I have had a LOT happening and by the time I think of making a blog entry it is late and I am too tired. I am trying to think of a way to stay more connected with my blog or at least do a weekly post of some sort. This brings me to an idea I have been tossing around for a week or so.

I recently bought a recipe book titled Eating Healthy After Weight Loss Surgery. I have ear-marked a few recipes I would like to try and my dad is willing to be a taste tester. :P I was thinking that maybe I could blog these recipes that I decide to try. I did this once before and I really enjoyed it. I won't be able to take pictures like before, as my dear husband decided he wanted to take the digital camera back up to Canada with him to take lots of pictures that I have yet to see him take. *grumble* However, I could record myself making these recipes and post to my youtube channel and link them to each entry. Just one idea I am considering.

I have felt the urge to write. Nothing has become of my finished manuscript. I got 3 rejection responses and 1 non-response. I want to go back and do some edits to that book and my query letter. Plus I have a few other stories that I have outlined that I would like to work on. My problem is when do I fit it in with all the stuff I do now? Not to mention my need for complete and total alone-ness while I am working on a book. That is in short supply for me right now. I am temporarily staying at my dad and stepmother's house until I start working and we get Ed immigrated down here. This presents it's own set of problems and issues. I am the type that likes to get immersed totally and completely in my story. I live it along with my characters, I feel what they feel (to a point), and if I am interrupted it seriously annoys me. It almost always throws up a writers block, which is frustrating. The ideas stop flowing so freely and I pretty much have to just give up until the writing bug hits me again. Maybe I should get a big flashing neon sign that says Quiet On The Set! and hang it over my computer area. :P

I have been studying for what feels like a lifetime (really only a few months) for the A+ certification test. It's a computer techie thing. I finally have my test date for part 1 of 2. March 19th I will take the first part and then hopefully not too long after that I will be able to take the 2nd part and get my certification so that I can FINALLY apply for the job I have been hoping to get for months. It will be so nice to move forward with this. I am a doer, always on a mission, if there is something that needs to be done then I want to get it done. I will stubbornly keep at it until I accomplish the task. This process has taken way longer than I ever intended or wanted so it has been a test in patience for me. Finally though I can see the end and it is exciting.

Immigration for my husband has progressed a little. I sent off the initial paperwork and got the notification that they had received it and approved it to be processed further. That was 2 months ago and here we are still waiting for them to finish processing the initial papers. From what I have read it takes on average 5 months, so we are still within that time frame. I check the status ever day, several times a day usually. To say that I am anxious is an understatement. Who knew how hard it was going to be to live so far away from the man you love so much. When we decided to do this, I thought I would be good, I wasn't going to be one of "those wives" that would fall apart without her husband by her side every day. No I haven't fallen apart but there have been times I wanted to. There are moments when the missing of him is so overwhelming that I want to get into my truck and drive the 2000 or so miles just to be with him even if just for an hour. He has come down here twice so far and it is so hard when he has to leave to go back up to Canada. Let's hope the immigration office will hurry every chance they get.