Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New weekly post idea.

Okay so, I have Fuzzy Fridays, where every Friday I post a pic of my fuzzy babies. I also love recipes and would like to have a day dedicated to that. Ideally I would like to work it out so that whatever day I choose to post a recipe, I make the recipe that day so that I can include a pic of the finished product. This may be more challenging than it sounds. With winter fast approaching, I do not drive in the snowy winter months, I am scared to death of it. So I have to really really plan ahead with my grocery shopping trips since I only go when Ed is home and can drive us. Lame, yes I know, but *shrugs* that's just how it is.

Another decision to make is: Munchie Monday, Tasty Tuesday, or Tasty Thursday? Any suggestions? Opinions from my 2 readers lol?


Denora said...

I vote for Tasty Tuesdays. And I also vote that you actually make the dish on Sunday or Monday so that you can not only post the pictures, but can also tell us if you loved or hated it, any problems you ran into while making it, and any tips or tricks you found along the way!

Christina said...

I like that plan. Tasty Tuesdays it is! And I agree on making the dish Sunday or Monday. :D

Jessica said...

I like Munchies Monday and Tasty Tuesday :9