Friday, September 24, 2010

Wha?? It's Friday?? Already??

Does anybody know what time it is?? Oh hehe yeah, the heading kind of gives it away. That is right!! It is FRIDAY and time for my fav blog of the week. Fuzzy Friday!! *waits for confetti and noisemakers.* Hmm okay, maybe work on that for next week. :P

Today I am featuring Cooter. Three years ago I decided Jake needed a companion. From the time I got Jake there has always been at least one other animal and when I moved in with Ed, Jake became an only "child". When we left Jake home alone I felt big time guilt because he was all alone. So I talked it over with Ed and we decided to get a puppy. Ed's friend Darien, had another friend whose dog had just had puppies. We put in our name but had to wait until October when the puppies were old enough to be weened. I wanted a girl dog, but the girls went fast and by the time we went to see them, there were only boys left and only two to choose from.

A yellow lab and a black lab, Ed fell immediately for the yellow lab and me for the black. We got the black. :P We went right to Walmart and got puppy supplies (food, collar, leash, crate, toys). Then we were invited to Tim Hortons for a quick coffee. So the new puppy was put into the crate, where he happily laid down to take a nap. When we came out of Tim Hortons, Darien and his daughter Sarah wanted to see the puppy. I opened the door of the truck and looked into the crate. I heard thump thump thump, Cooter's tail wagging happy to see me, I think that is when he claimed my heart, although there were times I doubted that during training lol. Ed and I went back and forth on names. We considered: Luke, Vadar, Chewbacca, Buddy and some other goofy ones. Then while we were driving back from Tim Hortons, Ed busts out with Cooter, as in the mechanic off the Dukes of Hazzard. It fit and we both loved it.

When Cooter was a puppy, he was adorably cute, but looks are deceiving, he was a hellion. He did not like to be held, cuddled, or pet. He was stubborn but extremely smart. There were times I was ready to give him back to the people we got him from. But never one to give up, I stuck to it and now he is a very loving 3 yr old dog, who loves to cuddle and make me laugh. Jake and Cooter after a rough start are wonderful brothers and the best of friends. Cooter still frustrates me at times but I cannot imagine my life without him.

The picture for today is Cooter with wide eyes watching a carrot, one of his fav treats. Have a great day everyone!

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