Monday, January 7, 2008

Weird winter

Freaky winter weather we are having. It has been above freezing here the past couple of days and the snow is melting rapidly. The outdoor thermometer said it was 50F. How wacky is that??

We still have a lot of snow on the ground but a few more days like this and the grass is going to start peeking through. I would really love a blizzard. I know someone who has had a couple of em just recently *stares in the direction of Ottawa* and I am jealous. LOL I would really like to experience one. Think it would be fun. Well fun as long as I am nice and warm and safe in my house with lots of supplies so I wont have to go out in it. :D

Ed's dad has finally vacated the downstairs apartment and I have started the cleaning process.. OMG ewwwwwww its disgusting. Last night I swept, mopped, got on my hands and knees and scrubbed then mopped again and again (cooter did the walk n pee trick) and finally waxed the kitchen floor. I had to keep emptying the bucket of water I was using because it was turning black.. yes that is right BLACK! I vacummed a bit of the living room floor. Cooter got scared and peed on the floor while trying to run from it lol.

Today I started working on the bedroom because that is where we are going to put our storage stuff. So far I have scrubbed two of the walls and I am still not happy with them. They need a paint job BAD.. Ed's dad is a heavy smoker so you can imagine what the walls look like. Once I get done with the walls I am going to have to scrub the window really really good then a heavy vacumming before we can put anything down there.

I was going to attempt the bathroom but I opened the door turned on the light and peeked in. I then turned off the light closed the door and told Ed that he is in charge of that room.. Gonna have nightmares about that one. LOL

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to finish the walls in the bedroom.

Well I am exhausted just thinking of scrubbing more walls so I am going to head to beddy by now.

I leave you with a pic of a blizzard :D isnt it beautiful?

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