Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's early

Well I have a few minutes before my hosting duty on vzones so thought I would stop by here and say a few words.

I am faithfully working on my novel. Even if I don't write anything some days I am still thinking of the next move in the story or I am doing revisions on a particular section that I have already finished. I have tons of notes. I sat down with a calendar the other day and worked on time frames. I even did a whole biography of my main character. Even though I am not using all the info it's nice to kind of know who that person is. Once you put down all the details about a character it helps them come to life. At least in my imagination. It helps me know how to make her react to things because of her history. Think about it.. If you have a character in a book who went through something traumatic as a child, say a fire destroyed her home and killed a beloved family pet. Do we really think she would not be extremely careful as an adult. Fire alarms all over the house. And would that character end up being a fireman perhaps?

Everything we experience in life helps to shape who we are in the present. So in writing down a mini biography you see a person develop before your eyes and they become real in a sense.

In my story I have based the main character around myself. Some details are the same some are different. The story is also loosely based on my life. Names were changed (in the story my Aunt's characters name is Susannah and my Dad's name is Mitchell) and some locations are a bit different (San Antonio is not specifically mentioned I just say South Texas and I don't move to Canada instead its a small town in Northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. I am still working on a name for that little town)but those who know me will see the similarities.

I was having a hard time working on the book I had started about my Grandmother. I was hitting a wall. That is when this story developed. It is a fictional version of my life from the day I found out my Grandmother had passed to now. So I was able to use some of the stuff I had written for the other book just needed to tweak it a bit.

There is one character that stays the same in the book as he is in my life. Jake is as always my faithful companion and what would a book sorta kinda about me be without a Jake?

I joined a writing thing online, nanwrimo or something like that. Have to write 50,000 words by November. It's a bit of a contest.

Well anywho got some players at my game in vzones so better go say hi.

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