Saturday, January 5, 2008

The State of Alaska ROCKS!

Here I was worrying myself to an ulcer about getting my passport app done in time for the Jan 31st deadline. Nothing like waiting to the last minute eh?

What is the hold up you ask? Well I only have one official copy of my birth certificate. I need that to get back and forth across the border. So I faxed in my request form to the appropriate office in Alaska along with my credit card info so they could charge the fees for an official copy of my original birth certificate. I did this a little bit before Christmas and was beginning to worry that I might not get it in time and then would be stuck without a passport and not being able to get across the border to apply for one.

Well I had no need to worry because I went to check the mail today and low and behold there was my birth certificate sitting waiting for me in the mail box.

Alaska you ROCK!!! Fruitcakes all around.

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