Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BIG Puppy

Well Cooter had his last puppy shots today. Vet says he looks very happy and healthy. Says his coat looks exceptional. Nice and shiny. And his teeth are starting to change which is right on schedule.. My little poochie is no longer so little. He gained 12 pounds since his last visit. He nows weighs in at a staggering 38lbs. He is only 4 months old for crying out loud. He already eats like crazy. LOL Next vet visit will be the neutering surgery. Then that is it until next year.

Well got everying mailed in (passport app and marriage license papers). Now its just a sit and wait kind of thing. Did I ever mention I hate waiting for anything? It's not good to keep me waiting. I guess you could say it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I dont like to be late and dont like for others to be late either. But alas now I must sit and wait and cross fingers that everything goes smoothly.

American Idol started tonight. Didnt fail to entertain. They are showing some of the auditions both good and bad. I have to say I really look forward to seeing the bad ones. It always shocks me when you get the ones who sing horribly.. I mean a screaming cat is more pleasant than they are and for some odd reason they think the judges are jerks because they try and tell them that they can't sing. They don't believe them and get mad because "they are the greatest undiscovered talent there ever was". How can they NOT know how bad they sound?? Someone must have lied to them and told them how wonderful they were.. Shame on those people lol.

Well gonna go to bed now.. Got a game to host in the morning and wanna be all rested up. I leave you with a pic of a snow plow doing its job on the streets of Fort Frances.. Isnt the snow beauitiful.. I love it..

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