Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm a popsicle

It's been so cold here the past couple of days I feel like a popsicle. The other night we were suppose to have had a windchill at -40. CRAZAZY!

Just got done watching a National Geographic channel show on multiple births. They showed twins, triplets and quads from the point of conception to a few months after they were born. Was pretty interesting to see them at the different stages in the womb. I am very scared with the PCOS issue I will end up having to do fertility meds and well those are one of the biggest causes of multiple births. One baby is enough of an adjustment to your life but could you imagine 2, 3, 4 or more babies all at once? All the diapers you would have to change, all the nights you would get no sleep because just after you get one baby to stop crying and off to sleep another one starts up.

OMG woman who do this successfully have my utmost respect. I have my doubts that I would be able to remain sane throughout that kind of ordeal. I do imagine that you would get a routine in place pretty quickly and you would get used to having these little people in your life. But man just thinking about it exhausts me.

Saw a cute movie yesterday. Juno.. It was a bit weird but had a lot of funny parts. It's about a teenage girl, she is around 16, named Juno who finds herself pregnant. She took 3 pregnancy tests in the bathroom of the gas station. She took 3 because the first two she said looked more like a division symbol. LOL. She ends up finding a couple to adopt her baby. The woman is totally into it and the guy acts like he wants a baby but after Juno spends some time sharing music interests and such the guy opens up to her and tells her he is leaving his wife and doesnt feel ready to be a father. She freaks, the woman finds out. The couple divorces but Juno still lets the woman adopt her baby. It was really sweet watching the woman hold the baby for the first time after he was born. Juno has a very sarcastic sense of humor and made me laugh out loud all throughout the movie.

Well Mermaids is on and I wanna go watch.

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