Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Camera, Rejection Letter, Canceled Trip..

So I am sure some of you guys have noticed I haven't posted any recipe blogs or Fuzzy Fridays in a while. I was having technical difficulties. My rechargeable batteries stopped charging. So I couldn't use my camera to take any pics. I got that taken care of then got kinda preoccupied with life and got a bit lazy where my blog is concerned. But I am back, kinda. :P I also, for Christmas, got a new vid camera. It's a Flip Ultra HD. I am so in love with it. I took some pics, the day I picked it up from the mail box it was sooooooooo cold. You can see the fogginess on the screen of the camera in one of the pics. Was out in the cold mailbox, then I brought it in to a warm toasty house and it got all foggy. :P

So now I can take some really awesome quality videos on it and save my digi camera for photos and not use up so many batteries. :D

Let's see, what else has been going on. Oh sooooo I finally sent in the query letter to some of my A list Lit. Agents and the next day I got my first rejection letter. Was nice, said they read my query and it wasn't the right project for their agency but encouraged me to not give up and to submit to other agencies. Still waiting to hear from the others. One of my a-listers isn't taking queries until after Jan. 5th. So will def be hitting them up asap. Kind of exciting actually, and I didn't get upset at the rejection. It is all part of the process and hey they didn't say YOU SUCK don't ever write again. So that's a plus. :D

We were supposed to be going to Thunder Bay for Christmas. Hubby's mother and sister's family live there. But with the cost of putting our two dogs in a kennel as well as the gas we just couldn't swing it financially. So we will be spending another Christmas here with Hubby's Dad's family. I like most of them, but some give me the creeps. Hubby doesn't seem to understand my sixth sense about people. He just thinks I'm being picky. But I seriously can tell within minutes of meeting someone if I like them or not. I don't try to do it, it just happens. It is hard to explain the feeling I get but it is pretty strong one way or another.

Well I am in the middle of my Christmas baking so I will end this hear. I have some cookie recipe's and pics to post in a bit.

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