Friday, November 4, 2011

A tale of two surgeries.

Bright and early Monday morning. Halloween no less, I went into the hospital to have a laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy. I was nervous but ready to get started losing this weight and avoiding the diabetes that my family history would make it a certainty for me. Not to mention the fact my dr labeled me pre-diabetic at my last pre-op dr appt. I was on the path towards this disease that scares me more than pretty much any other. But thankfully we were in time to change that path before it got much much worse.

So they got me all set up; iv, paper worked signed, dressed in nothing but a hospital gown with my backside exposed to the world. Then the pre-anethesia meds that make you loopy and goofy. Then I was wheeled into the operating room moved onto the surgical table and had a mask put on my face and told to take some deep breaths. I remember thinking ugh I hate these masks things. They make me feel claustrophobic but okay whatever, I can handle a few deep breaths. Inhale once.... Then I was out. I vaguely remember waking up in my hospital room. No recollection of the recovery room at all or how I got to my hospital room. I looked over saw my Aunt, my dad and stepmother and then closed my eyes and was out again until they handed me the morphin button. Which I promptly pressed and went back to sleep.

Then came nurses checking vitals and then making me sit in a chair which I promptly fell asleep in. People coming to visit and me pretty much not in the mood. I hurt and the way I deal with pain is to pretty much shut out the outside world. Close my eyes and remain silent. That doesn't work well with people always coming in to check this or that. LOL

I became a little more awake but still miserable. I started throwing up, the nurse said it was just from the anethesia it would pass. Sadly, it didn't. The next morning I was taking to the xray lab to have a "swallow study". They basically give you some Bariam (not sure how that is spelled). While you swallow they have a live action camera on your esophagus and stomach so they can watch it go into your stomach and make sure there are no leaks. Well good part was, no leaks, bad part it didn't exit where it was supposed to. I watched it enter the stomach and then saw it start to go back up my throat about the time I started to gag. Thankfully we were prepared.

The xray dr was concerned. My dr was in another surgery but would look at the film when he got out. After he saw it they took me back to do another one with the same results. The look on his face told me this was bad. He said he needed to go back in, what he suspected was my stomach had twisted on itself. Which is why I wasn't able to keep the bariam down. Anything that was entering my stomach wasn't able to leave out the bottom like normal so it left the only other way it knew, up. And I am sure you can imagine after having stomach surgery the day before. The act of throwing up is not what you want to be doing.

So almost immediately I was taken back to pre-op and signed more consent forms, given more goofy meds and whisked into the operating room. The dr put a camera in to look at the stomach and sure enough it had flipped. They tried to flip it back and sew it but no matter what they did it kept flipping back so the only thing he could do at that point was convert it to a Roux en Y Gastric bypass. Which is basically where they reroute your intestines and sew it to a small pouch of your stomach.

The main differences between the bypass and sleeve is; 1. stomach capacity is slightly smaller with bypass and 2. I cannot have sugar without very very bad reactions. The rate at which you lose weight is slightly faster with the bypass and there are some minor complications with future pregnancies but it is all manageable.

Coming out of that surgery was a whole new experience from the first time. I remember the recovery room and I remember being wheeled into my hospital room. I had some mild pain but I didn't use any more morphin. The next day I was even better, no more throwing up, they took another swallow study and you should have seen the relief on my dr's face when it showed it exiting into the intestines like it's supposed to. They started removing me from all the tubes that were in me. And I got to start drinking broth, water and protein milk and oh yeah they gave me jello and pudding. I didn't have much of an appetite but at least I was keeping everything down.

My dr, who I love to death, felt so badly and you could see the emotion on his face when he was telling me he had to go back in. This complication is one that is listed as a possibility. It just happens for whatever reason. But he took very good care of me as did his assistant Jane and a couple of really wonderful RN's. However, I was sooo glad to finally get to come home yesterday (Thursday). I missed my room, my computer, my dogs, my tv and not being woken up every few hours with some one wanting to take my vitals. LOL

So it was quite the adventure and that first day I was asking myself why in the world did I do this to myself. But after the 2nd surgery it was all different and every day it gets a little better. The pain is lesser and I can get around better and I am able to take in more liquids and broth. So I am looking forward to good things ahead!


Jess said...

Oi sweetie so sad that you had to go under twice but so happy that you're doing well! Take it easy and am wishing you a speedy recovery :)

Jess said...

I am so glad you're getting better everyday sweetie! Keeping you in prayer and wishing you a speedy recovery!