Monday, January 30, 2012

Nice to meet me again...

I am now 3 months out from my bariatic surgery. I have lost 87 lbs in total (this includes my pre-op liquid diet weight) and I am 66 lbs from my goal weight, as of this morning. I took some pictures of myself to mark this 3 month time and I was struck at how much I had changed so far. My face is thinner, I actually can see a waist line. I thought it was gone forever. It isn't just my outward appearance that has changed, I have found energy I didn't know I had, I am more smiley. I never thought I was really unhappy before, sure I wasn't happy about how overweight I was but I felt I was pretty happy and upbeat. But comparing pics from before and now the ones from this past sunday, it is a world of difference.

When I look at the most recent pictures, it is like seeing a friend I haven't seen in years. Ultimately I have always been the same person, I have the same morals and thought processes but I have been hidden in a fat suit if you will. I purposefully kept to myself, I tried to go out as little as possible, I didn't look in the mirror unless I absolutely had to, pictures were strategically posed to make myself look less fat. As the weight sheds, so do the restraints that turned me into a hermit for so long. I still have a ways to go but I already feel so much better that it is hard to imagine how I will feel once I reach my goal weight. The world better look out! :P

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